JSON Parsing in Swift just got a whole lot easier! with Priya Rajagopal


March 15
Detroit Labs

1520 Woodward Ave., Ste. 600 · Detroit, MI

About the Event

JSON is quickly becoming the de facto data exchange format on the web with more and more web services serving content in JSON format. In fact, with the growing popularity of NoSQL databases, content is even being stored as JSON. The ability to encode JSON to and from native language representations is quickly becoming integral to developing a web or mobile app. In this talk, we look at how we can accomplish this using Swift 4.

Swift 4 was introduced in summer of 2017 and with it came Codables. Swift Codables greatly simplify the process of encoding and decoding from native swift objects to/from other representations , including JSON. Codables does away with the tedious JSON serialization /deserialization logic you probably had in place in earlier versions. In this talk, we will introduce you to Codables and look at examples of how you can use it for JSON serialization.