Flexible Data with a Familiar SQL Dialect using Couchbase N1QL


February 28
Couchbase HQ

2440 West El Camino Real

Mountain View


About the Event

Can SQL be used to query JSON? SQL is the universally known structured query language, used for well defined, uniformly structured data; while JSON is the lingua franca of flexible data management, used to define complex, variably structured data objects. Yes! SQL can most-definitely be used to query JSON with Couchbase's SQL query language for JSON called N1QL (verbalized as Nickel.) In this session, we will explore how N1QL extends SQL to provide the flexibility and agility inherent in JSON while leveraging the universality of SQL as a query language. We will discuss utilizing SQL to query complex JSON objects that include arrays, sets and nested objects. You will learn about the powerful query expressiveness of N1QL, including the latest features that have been added to the language. We will cover how using N1QL can solve your real-world application challenges, based on the actual queries of Couchbase end-users.

Keshav Murthy, Couchbase N1QL Team

Developing Applications with N1QL

Learn how to take your knowledge of SQL, N1QL, and NoSQL and apply it towards developing fast and flexible applications that scale very well. The emphasis on this presentation will be around the various SDKs that are available for Couchbase.

Speaker: Nic Raboy, Developer Advocacy