Chicago Java User Group - Full-stack NoSQL Document Database


July 19

About the Event

Couchbase Server is an open source, document-oriented NoSQL database. It can be installed in your data center or mobile platform. The database is designed for ease of development and low latency at scale. As a mobile database, it has everything you need to build always-available apps that work online & offline.
This session will provide an introduction to Couchbase Server. Attendees will learn how they can easily store and access data in Couchbase using N1QL - SQL for JSON. The data can also be persisted using APIs from different languages. They'll learn how a Couchbase cluster can be easily created and scaled. Integration with multiple frameworks such as Spring Data, Spark, and Kafka will be discussed. Managing database using CLI, admin console and REST will be explained. Deployment options in Cloud and Containers will be discussed and shown.


The second part of the session will provide an introduction to Couchbase Mobile. It will explain the key features of fully functional, embedded, mobile NoSQL database. Attendees will learn how write apps faster using less code by taking advantage of database change events from Couchbase Lite. See how just a few lines of code enables app developers to synchronize data between multiple devices using Sync Gateway.