What’s New in Couchbase

Capella supports memory-only use cases and Couchbase Enterprise 7.2

Announcing Couchbase Mobile 3.1

In this release we further simplify mobile app development and expand on our strengths in edge computing by introducing cloud-to-edge support for scopes and collections in Couchbase Mobile version 3.1.

Scopes and collections in Couchbase Mobile enables you to:

  • Isolate app data logically
  • Enforce independent app lifecycles
  • Provide fine-grained security control


The ability to manage and enforce independent app lifecycles, as well as leverage fine-grained security access control, will dramatically simplify the deployment of multi-tenant and high-application density cloud-to-edge applications at scale.

By providing better and more granular organization of data, security, and synchronization, scopes and collections in Couchbase Mobile 3.1 simplifies apps and makes them more secure, scalable, and efficient.

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