What makes Couchbase Lite different?

Couchbase Lite is a developer-friendly embedded NoSQL database for offline-first apps that run on mobile, desktop, and custom devices. Unlike similar solutions, it supports SQL, vector search, and provides built-in data sync peer-to-peer and cloud-to-edge.

Build fast, secure, and reliable mobile apps

Couchbase Lite key capabilities

Develop apps that work all the time by embedding the database directly in the device. Provide a lightning-fast experience while eliminating dependencies on an unreliable internet. Take advantage of a rich feature set and wide platform and language support.


Embedding Couchbase Lite ensures that data is always available regardless of network connections. Data is stored locally and automatically synced with the cloud and peer devices when connectivity is available.


Develop faster with full SQL support, simple-to-use APIs for database CRUD, full-text search and query operations, and comprehensive platform and language support. A schemaless JSON format simplifies app upgrades without requiring tedious data migration.


Couchbase Lite has a small footprint and is well suited for resource-constrained mobile and embedded devices.


Support for mobile platforms includes iOS, Android, and Windows. You can develop desktop and web server apps with .NET and Java libraries. C-API support allows developers to build applications in C that run on nearly any platform.