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Introducing Mobile 2.0 – the latest addition to the Couchbase Data Platform

The Couchbase Data Platform delivers unparalleled performance at scale, while also providing unmatched agility and manageability that today's businesses require to continually reinvent their customer experiences and maintain their all-important competitive edge.
Join the latest webinar for Mobile 2.0 to learn about the latest innovations in API, query interface, automatic conflict resolution, Full Text Search on-device, and more. 

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Creating amazing customer experiences requires unmatched agility and flexibility. The Couchbase Data Platform is uniquely able to help change the scope and scale of digital experiences – at speed – to keep up with technology, customer trends and tastes, the regulatory business market, and competitive environments, and the nature and scale of the data itself.


Launching and delivering a consistently brilliant, personalized, and responsive experience requires unparalleled performance at scale. The Couchbase Data Platform always provides this performance, regardless of the number of end users, what devices they're using, how many data sources there are, how much data there is, or how fast the data is changing.


Maintaining competitive advantage depends on executing and deploying ideas quickly and reliably, at scale. The Couchbase Data Platform's easy-to-manage environment brings out the full potential of these ideas, achieving results faster and at less cost, with mission-critical reliability.

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Full Text Search (FTS) on server and device

Couchbase search allows developers to build richer, more intelligent connected and offline applications that create engaging customer experiences.


Adaptive indexing

Allows developers to build a single index that covers a wide range of known, as well as ad hoc queries.


N1QL support for mobile

Simplified application development with support for N1QL queries, enhancing the flexibility, adaptability, and query capabilities of mobile applications. Ad hoc queries can now be supported as well, even if the device is offline.


Simplified mobile APIs

New API provides built-in domain data modeling support, simplifying application development and data modeling.


100% memory-resident data sets

Ephemeral, in-memory data buckets allow applications to maintain datasets completely in memory, resulting in more responsive applications and efficient data management. Includes support for query, indexing, and high availability replication for in-memory data.


Multi-cluster aware clients

Enables developers to build resilience directly into the app, making it capable of communicating with multiple Couchbase clusters with easily defined simple failover rules and behavior.


Indexing at the speed of memory

Enhanced index storage that allows a high rate of index updates to occur in memory, even for very large indexes that exceed available memory.


Automatic conflict resolution

While saving a document or during replication, Couchbase Lite 2.0 will detect any conflict and automatically resolve it.


Role-based access control

Fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) support for users and applications that provides built-in roles that can be assigned per user, per bucket across key-value, N1QL, and FTS data access.


Fast node failover

Fast node failover improves overall failure detection and reduces the time to failover to under 10 seconds, resulting in more reliable and predictable operations.


Index replication

Index replication provides automatic replication, high availability, and load balancing for indexes. Simplifies index management with planning and online tools for index rebalancing.


Visual query monitoring

Introducing new tools to monitor and visualize N1QL queries, simplifying system management and troubleshooting.