Couchbase has SDKs available for most popular languages and a variety of platforms and frameworks

Get started – fast!

The Couchbase SDK is available through your favorite build, tooling, and development environment. All Couchbase libraries can be easily downloaded through the packaged management utilities (Maven for Java and Scala, Nuget for .NET, NPM for Node.js, PIP for Python, Rubygems for Ruby, and more). Check out the documentation to learn how to access and start using the Couchbase SDK today.

Full-featured access to services

All Couchbase services are exposed through the SDK. Whether you are writing key-value applications or accessing the latest in SQL++ and Full-Text Search – interfaces are available to get you started quickly. Connections to the Couchbase cluster are managed with ease as a single connection allows seamless access to all services.

Level up with frameworks

We are committed to supporting and developing powerful frameworks to help you take development to the next level. At present, we have very tight integration with the Spring Data platform, .NET Linq, and we are also developing our own Ottoman Node.js ODM. Get started quickly and stay tuned for new frameworks in the future.

Protect critical data with secure solutions

Reduce the probability of data breach and the risk of fines in the future by encrypting confidential data using client-side field-level encryption.

Instrument internal health and state of your applications

Use Couchbase distributed, vendor-neutral Open Telemetry API extensions to generate, capture, and collect telemetry data for your mission-critical applications in a robust and portable way.

Provide data integrity and safety

Simplify application logic with distributed ACID transactions, providing all-or-nothing semantics for durably modifying multiple documents distributed on different nodes and across all buckets, scopes, and collections.

Professionally supported

Enterprise users can rest easy knowing that a professional support and engineering system keeps the Couchbase developer tools and SDK up to date. Customers can file support tickets for specific SDK issues they encounter and have their problems solved swiftly. Community support is also available on the forums for each SDK.

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