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The Couchbase cloud-native database is a full-stack integration of Couchbase Server, Couchbase Autonomous Operator, and CNCF projects including Kubernetes, Prometheus, Helm, CNI, Core DNS, Operator Framework, and more. Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes is the main component of the stack, allowing enterprises to run as a cloud-agnostic, globally distributed database across any cloud.

Couchbase and Kubernetes: a powerful data management duo

Couchbase on containers and Kubernetes provides a powerful cloud-native data platform with autonomous database management capabilities. Couchbase Autonomous Operator enables DevOps teams to run, auto-scale, and manage Couchbase as a stateful database application next to their microservices applications on a Kubernetes platform, which also provides freedom from cloud vendor lock-in and supports hybrid and multicloud strategies. Autonomous Operator 2.2 is certified for Red Hat OpenShift and for Kubernetes services from Amazon Web Services (Amazon EKS), Microsoft Azure (Azure AKS), Google Cloud (Google GKE) platforms, and Rancher (SUSE).

How the Couchbase cloud-native database works

The Couchbase cloud-native database provides technologies that empower organizations to build and run scalable stateful applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Containers, service meshes, microservices, immutable infrastructure, and declarative APIs exemplify this approach.

Couchbase’s cloud-native database integrates Couchbase Server with cloud-native open source technologies such as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Helm, CNI, CoreDNS, Operator Framework, Ceph, Gluster, Istio Service Mesh, Open Service Broker API, and Open Telemetry.

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Key capabilities

Auto-scaling Couchbase services

Couchbase’s autoscaling monitors the cluster and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain steady and predictable performance at the lowest possible cost based on the pre-defined thresholds for all Couchbase services. As a result, organizations can provide a consistent experience with no unexpected costs (which might occur with unchecked scaling or in the absence of cluster autoscaling) during peak times.

Automated day-2 operations

Autonomous Operator eliminates and simplifies day-2 operations of database management – self-healing, automated rolling/bulk upgrade, security, backup, and data replication. It fully manages one or more Couchbase deployments so that you don’t need to worry about the operational complexities of running Couchbase. Not only does the Operator automatically administer your Couchbase cluster, but it also manages the cluster according to Couchbase best practices. All of which frees up IT departments from time-consuming administrative tasks, helping them to accelerate innovation.

High availability across distributed infrastructure

Leveraging Kubernetes labels, the Autonomous Operator can automatically schedule pod creation across failure domains (cloud availability zones) and ensure that they get added to the correct Couchbase server groups for rack/zone awareness. Combined with support for cross-datacenter replication and security (TLS), the Autonomous Operator can automatically and securely recover a Couchbase cluster, even after the largest of physical infrastructure failures, all while remaining available to your customers and applications.

Couchbase is cloud-native and cloud-agnostic

Interoperability with any cloud has never been so easy

Autonomously run stateful applications for faster innovation

Reduce your DevOps workload by running Couchbase as an autonomous, fully managed stateful database application next to your microservices applications on the same Kubernetes platform.

Hybrid cloud and multicloud strategy

We provide a cloud-agnostic application deployment and management platform that treats cloud providers like commodities and enables you to migrate between clouds freely.

Automated operational best practices

Couchbase’s Operator for Kubernetes reduces operational complexity up to 95% by implementing the operational best practices that most efficiently deploy and manage Couchbase.

Related features and capabilities

Native Kubernetes integration

Couchbase is the first NoSQL database vendor to have native integration with Kubernetes Operator. Autonomous Operator provides the data platform with rich query support, mobile, analytics, and full-text search functionality with Kubernetes out of the box.

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Microservice architecture

Couchbase makes an excellent data store for scalable cloud applications, including applications built using a microservice architecture. As an incredibly powerful platform for running containerized microservices, Kubernetes can ease DevOps management workload and reduce developer friction.

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Multi-dimensional scaling (MDS)

One size never fits all when it comes to scaling your business. MDS delivers a revolutionary distributed architecture that provides compute, storage, and processing workload partitioning to meet ever-changing requirements.

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Active-active geo distribution

Ensure always-on high availability, disaster recovery, and flexible global replication with cross data center replication (XDCR) that can scale and evolve with your business.

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