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SmartTrade App Adopts Couchbase Mobile to Build Next Generation Smartphone App

Company Moves 90% Of Its Data To NoSQL To Provide Secure, Scalable Infrastructure For Next Generation App

London, UK – April 22nd 2015 – SmartTrade App, the business app supporting thousands of mobile workers and small business owners across Britain, has selected Couchbase Mobile to underpin its next generation smartphone app.

With thousands of users, processing vast amounts of data on a daily basis, SmartTrade App had outgrown its existing SQL database. The company turned to Couchbase, provider of the most complete NoSQL database, for a scalable solution with flexible data model, offline capabilities and other features that supports its need for a leading edge in a competitive market.

SmartTrade App chose Couchbase Mobile to advance the performance, scale and reach of its app with:

  • A secure way to synchronise data, across devices and platforms, making it available at anytime
  • Flexible data model for ease of storing volumes of unstructured data
  • Future proof technology that will support its need for SQL for Documents query language

“We evaluated other offerings, including a solution combining MongoDB and FeedHenry, but only Couchbase offers a complete solution for data management between the cloud and the device that allows our app to be fully functional whether it is online or offline. This is really a game changer for us,” said Catherine Woolgar chief technology officer & co-founder, SmartTrade App. “Our evaluation showed that only Couchbase could provide the mobile components, fast replication and scalability we need. Couchbase is also able to provide us with the level of community support we were after – both now as we are deploying the solution and in the future as we look to adopt SQL for Documents query language for increased responsiveness.”

Matt Ingenthron, director of developer advocates, Couchbase said: “Couchbase Mobile provides a truly unique opportunity for businesses to distinguish themselves by providing a better mobile experience to their customers.  SmartTrade App is making it possible for small businesses to get paid on the job – a problem that millions of small businesses face every day. Without Couchbase Mobile, SmartTrade App would need to piece together a multi vendor solution or build it themselves. We are thrilled that by using Couchbase Mobile, SmartTrade App can now make life easier for small businesses to get paid immediately – even when ‘on the job’ means there is no network connection.”

SmartTrade App customer Charlie Brinton, director, Permanex Plumbing, said:  “SmartTrade App provides us with flexibility to minimise the time we spend in the office and maximise our time in the field. This is really important to a small business like ours. The offline platform allows our engineers to work seamlessly within the app, whether they are in the office or out on the road, meaning there is no time wasted. For us, the ability to get paid immediately is key to reducing our admin costs and keeping the business running smoothly.”

About SmartTrade App

SmartTrade App is a remarkable new mobile app to take credit and debit card payments without an expensive credit card reader, or merchant account. That’s where the magic starts as SmartTrade App handles all the paperless paperwork to run a company, and even integrates into accounting software.

Using SmartTrade App to take card payments from customers and sort paperwork is much easier than the current alternatives such as iZettle, Square or CardStream as there is no card reader to break, or pair with your phone, its just an app. Uniquely none of these offer 0% card fees, taking cards over the phone, paperless quotes and syncing with accountancy packages.

About Couchbase

At Couchbase, we believe data is at the heart of the enterprise. We empower developers and architects to build, deploy, and run their most mission-critical applications. Couchbase delivers a high-performance, flexible, and scalable modern database that runs across the data center and any cloud. Many of the world’s largest enterprises rely on Couchbase to power the core applications their businesses depend on. For more information, visit

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