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Couchbase and Open Software Integrators (OSI) Announce Partnership to Support NoSQL Database Implementations

 •  Mountain View, CA and Durham, NC

NoSQL Leader Engages Open Source Professional Services Company to Provide Design, Development, and Migration Services

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA and DURHAM, NC — March 4, 2013— Couchbase, a leader in NoSQL database technology and the company behind the Couchbase open source project, and Open Software Integrators (OSI), the open source professional services company with specialties in the area of Big Data, enterprise and Internet scalability, today announced a partnership agreement. Through the agreement, OSI will offer consulting, software development, training, and architectural solutions for Couchbase Server, augmenting Couchbase’s ability to meet growing customer demand for its flagship document-oriented NoSQL database.

News Highlights

  • Couchbase and OSI are partnering to provide services to companies implementing Couchbase Server NoSQL database technology.
  • The partnership is designed to help companies get up and running as quickly as possible with Couchbase Server, whether they are moving from a relational data model to a document-oriented database or starting out with a NoSQL open source solution for the first time.
  • Specific OSI offerings include:
    • Migration services to help companies move from their existing relational database solution to Couchbase NoSQL database technology
    • Migration services to switch from an existing NoSQL solution to Couchbase
    • Architectural services for modeling and developing apps using Couchbase Server as the document-oriented data store

Supporting Quotes

  •  “We’re thrilled to be partnering with OSI, leveraging their extensive NoSQL and open source expertise to better serve our growing customer base, particularly those who are making the transition from relational database technology to the more flexible document-oriented data model. Working together, we can help our joint customers accelerate their adoption of Couchbase Server and its easy scalability, consistent high performance and always-on data availability.” – Bob Wiederhold, CEO and President, Couchbase
  • “As time has passed it has been a pleasure getting to know the great people behind Couchbase and their powerful technology. When I work with CIOs and CTOs figuring out how to scale their existing infrastructure Couchbase is often an appealing right fit. I am excited about this partnership and working even more closely with our friends at Couchbase.”  –  Andrew C. Oliver, President, Open Software Integrators


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About Couchbase Open Source Project

The Couchbase Open Source Project is a leading NoSQL database project, with a vibrant community focused on developing distributed database technology that supports both key-value and document-oriented use cases. All Couchbase technology components are available under the Apache 2.0 License, and may also be obtained as packaged software from Couchbase, Inc. in both enterprise and community editions.


About Couchbase

Couchbase is a leading provider of NoSQL database technology and the company behind the Couchbase open source project. Couchbase Server, the company’s flagship product, is a NoSQL document-oriented database with production deployments at AOL, Cisco, Concur, LinkedIn, Orbitz,, Shuffle Master, Zynga and hundreds of other household names worldwide. It is particularly well suited for web and mobile applications, providing easy scalability, consistent high performance, 24x365 availability, and a flexible data model for ease of development. Couchbase is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and is funded by Accel Partners, Ignition Partners, Mayfield Fund, and North Bridge Venture Partners.


About Open Software Integrators

Open Software Integrators (OSI) provides consulting services to partners and customers. Their consultants solve a variety of challenges that span technical, pre-sales, performance, and architectural issues. They represent our premier vendors and work with our direct clients both on and off site as needed. OSI offers support for significant logistical, capital, technical and training investment with specialties in the area of enterprise and Internet scalability. OSI has offices in Durham and Chicago.

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