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Couchbase Named a Winner of TechTarget’s 2017 Modern Mobility Innovation Awards for Use in GE’s Predix Platform

January 16, 2017
Couchbase’s innovative database capabilities enable customers like GE Digital to rollout successful industrial internet applications with offline and mobile-first capabilities

Couchbase, a leader in NoSQL database technology for Digital Businesses, has been recognized as a winner of TechTarget’s 2017 Modern Mobility Innovation Awards for its role in providing offline and synchronization capabilities to GE’s Predix, its Industrial Internet operating system that connects to industrial assets, collects and analyzes data to deliver insights for optimizing industrial infrastructure and operations.


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"In developing Predix, we knew providing strong mobile capabilities was important, given the remote locations where users need access to Predix, such as on wind farms, oil rigs or in power plants. But we soon learned that offline was critical,” said Michael Hart, director of Predix mobile engineering at GE Digital. “Providing a solution that would work all the time, regardless of location or network availability, became the key challenge we had to solve for in building Predix.”


GE Digital approached Couchbase in search of a technology that would enable offline capabilities in remote locations, giving Predix operators the ability to manage, use and store massive amounts of data regardless of network availability. Predix users require applications and devices to work all the time, with seamless data integration and management, and the ability to sync data from devices to the cloud when the network is available. With Couchbase, GE Digital was able to deliver on these requirements.


The Modern Mobility Innovation Awards recognize exceptionally innovative and successful enterprise mobility projects, demonstrating how organizations that embrace mobility and take advantage of cutting-edge technology can transform their processes and achieve new levels of productivity. 


"We’re thrilled to be recognized by TechTarget for our successful collaboration with GE Digital in creating the platform for the Industrial Internet,” said Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold. "Predix is a testament to the Couchbase team’s continued commitment to helping build innovative applications that enterprises need to compete in the digital economy."



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