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Couchbase Announces New Release of Membase Server NoSQL Database

Membase Server 1.7 delivers most-requested customer features with advancements in clustering, monitoring, and management

Mountain View, Calif. – June 8, 2011 – Couchbase, the NoSQL database company created through the recent merger of CouchOne and Membase, today announced the general availability of Membase Server 1.7, the simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database designed and optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications. A major new release of the software, Membase Server 1.7 offers a host of features and capabilities that provide even greater simplicity, scalability, and availability to make the system even more robust and production ready than any other NoSQL solution on the market.

News Highlights

  • Membase Server 1.7 delivers numerous enhancements, many of which reflect the most-requested features from customers using the system in large-scale cluster environments. Key new features include:
    • Advanced cluster monitoring capabilities. Widely considered the most “production ready” of the NoSQL database solutions, Membase Server takes operational readiness to a whole new level with the most robust instrumentation and monitoring capability available. (See the video blog to see the new monitoring capabilities in action across a 100-node Membase Server cluster.) Nearly seven dozen system parameters are now tracked and displayed in real time, including historical trend data over a variety of time periods. Administrators gain insight into system behavior and performance, permitting capacity planning, early detection of trends that could lead to degraded performance and rapid troubleshooting of problems to ensure continuous availability of the database.
    • Built-in alerting. New functionality notifies administrators when critical system parameters are out of their expected range, increasing uptime without requiring constant administrator attention.
    • In-place upgrade support through package management systems. This feature dramatically simplifies upgrades by working with native package management systems to perform all upgrade steps and move data to the new version. Membase Server 1.7 also provides notification through the management console when a new upgrade is available.
    • Improved rebalance capability. Membase Server 1.7 improves safety during rebalance while minimizing data movement across the network, resulting in reduced network bandwidth and increased robustness of the rebalancing process, both crucial in today’s cloud environments.
  • Membase Server 1.7 binary packages, both Enterprise and Community Editions, as well as source code are available for download. More information on all Couchbase technologies can be found at the recently unveiled, home of the Couchbase open source community.
  • Membase open source technology provides a distributed key-value database with integrated memcached caching technology, enabling dynamic cluster elasticity and sustained low-latency, high-throughput data operations. Its core technology powers 18 of the top 20 largest websites; and few web applications now enter production without it. Organizations such as Zynga, AOL and ShareThis use Membase Server to dramatically lower data management costs while improving the scalability and performance of their demanding interactive web applications.

Supporting Quotes

  • Mazdak Rezvani, VP of engineering for Chango, a Toronto-based search retargeting business: “Membase is an important part of our ability to serve ads with lightning fast speed. We count on the power of Membase for the performance and availability of our ad operations, but also rely on its monitoring capabilities to provide the window we need into the system – in fact we have the graphs open all day. We love the new and beautiful GUI features Membase Server 1.7 provides, and are excited to roll it into production.” 
  • Frank Weigel, director of product management, Couchbase: “Our production users are hungry for advanced features in scalability and operational readiness – and Membase Server 1.7 delivers on both. Enhanced elasticity makes it even easier and more transparent to scale out and rebalance your cluster, while comprehensive monitoring and alerting gives even greater visibility into the ongoing cluster health and status. With these advancements, Couchbase continues to lead the way in production readiness and maturity among NoSQL databases.”

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A part of the Couchbase product family, Membase Server is the industry’s lowest latency, highest throughput NoSQL database. A distributed key-value data store, Membase Server is designed and optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications. It allows the database layer to scale out just like the web application logic tier – simply by adding more commodity servers. 

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