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Couchbase Announces Couchbase Developer Expert and Couchbase Champions Programs

 •  Mountain View, CA

New Developer Programs Recognize Community Experts

Mountain View, CA – March 23, 2015 – Couchbase, Inc. today announced it has launched new Couchbase Developer Expert and Couchbase Champions programs to recognize core contributors and community advocates who regularly contribute to the user community and Couchbase Open Source Projects.  The sharing of knowledge and best practices by this community of experts makes Couchbase’s Open Source products more innovative and higher quality.


“The ongoing contributions of the Couchbase community have greatly advanced the innovation and quality of all Couchbase products,” said Matt Ingenthron, Senior Director of Developer Experience.  “Recognizing the top contributors from our global community through the Couchbase Champions and Couchbase Developer Experts lets us formally applaud their time, effort and passion in building a best in class distributed database platform.”


Couchbase has a vibrant and growing community of contributors. This active group accelerates delivery of the key features and ecosystem that are needed to make Couchbase products best in class.  The new Couchbase Developer Expert and Couchbase Champions programs will bring a formal level of appreciation to the hundreds of engineers who contribute to the Couchbase Open Source Project.


Couchbase Champions

A Couchbase Champion is open to anyone who engages with the Couchbase community in any one of a variety of ways: Actively engaging on the Couchbase Forums to solve problems and provide answers to other forum posted questions; organizing their own Couchbase Meet-up; or regularly attending Couchbase Meet-ups and engaging in conversations and Q&A during the meet-up. Champions are usually found actively blogging and tweeting in response to community questions; they may be regular speakers at industry and / or Couchbase hosted events.


Couchbase Developer Experts

The Couchbase Developer Expert (CDE) program is an invitation only program. It’s designed to recognize elite contributors to the Couchbase Open Source Project.  The CDE program includes contributors who represent a diverse range of views and backgrounds; developers, users, advocates, and those with backgrounds in everything from startups through global enterprises.  Couchbase Content Developer Experts demonstrate their expertise by participating in a variety of activities. Unlike a Couchbase Champion, who may only participate with the community through a single channel, a CDE engages through many activities:

  • Actively running Couchbase-related code in production. This could be an application that uses Couchbase Mobile in one of the app stores;
an application or service that uses Couchbase Server; tooling for Couchbase that's freely available (e.g. Reactive Couchbase or the Titanium wrapper for Lite); or code committed in a Couchbase project (e.g. the Java SDK).
  • Supporting the Couchbase Open Source Project and expanding the community through contributions to mailing lists, forums, blogs, Twitter, meet-ups and other channels as well as speaking at various industry or Couchbase hosted events.
  • Demonstrating knowledge expertise in at least one particular area, e.g. working with the Python SDK, deep knowledge of Couchbase Mobile for Android or iOS, etc.


Couchbase recognizes Couchbase Developer Experts several ways:

  • Announcing new members and their exceptional contributions to the community
  • Recognition at Couchbase Connect and Couchbase Live events
  • Profiles on the Couchbase Developer Expert page
  • An invitation to Couchbase Connect, Couchbase’s annual summit in the San Francisco area
  • Invitation to participate in an annual one day community summit at Couchbase Connect
  • Early introduction and opportunity to influence and contribute to features in development

To learn more about the Couchbase Developer Expert and Couchbase Champions program, click here.



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Couchbase Developer Expert Program & Couchbase Champions


About Couchbase


Couchbase delivers the world’s highest performing NoSQL distributed database platform. Developers around the world use the Couchbase platform to build enterprise web, mobile, and IoT applications that support massive data volumes in real time. The Couchbase platform includes Couchbase Server, Couchbase Lite - the first mobile NoSQL database, and Couchbase Sync Gateway. Couchbase is designed for global deployments, with configurable cross data center replication to increase data locality and availability. All Couchbase products are open source projects. 


Couchbase customers include industry leaders like AOL, AT&T, Bally’s, Beats Music, BSkyB, Cisco, Comcast, Concur, Disney, eBay, KDDI, Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, Orbitz, PayPal, Rakuten / Viber, Tencent, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Willis Group, as well as hundreds of other household names.  


Couchbase investors include Accel Partners, Adams Street Partners, Ignition Partners, Mayfield Fund, North Bridge Venture Partners, and West Summit.

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