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Amadeus® partners with open source and NoSQL leader Couchbase to improve online travel shopping

November 14, 2013
Couchbase to support Amadeus with its availability applications, ensuring extremely high accuracy of real-time fare evaluation online. Partnership will also see Amadeus and Couchbase working together to introduce more scalability and flexibility to Amadeus’ service-oriented architecture (SOA) across its entire product line

MadridNovember 14, 2013  –Amadeus, a leading technology partner for the travel industry, today announces it has signed a strategic partnership with California-based Couchbase, the leading provider of open-source and NoSQL database technologies, to use high-performance data management in order to improve the online travel shopping experience.


To this end, Couchbase will be supporting Amadeus with its availability applications, ensuring that travellers wishing to book fares online will only see prices which are both up-to-date and available for purchase following the search process. Importantly, this level of real-time fare accuracy can only be reached via a highly effective data management backbone, where information is replicated within milliseconds.


With millions of flight options available today from increasing numbers of meta-search and online travel agencies around the world, accuracy of real-time fare evaluation is clearly critical to the online shopping experience, removing in turn the frustration of travellers failing to conclude their shopping online. This first pilot activity with Couchbase will apply to all online solutions available via Amadeus’ distribution networks and commences immediately.


As part of the agreement, Couchbase and Amadeus will also be working together to introduce more scalability and flexibility to Amadeus’ service-oriented architecture (SOA) across its broader existing product line. This will provide an opportunity to build new products and applications, or extend existing product portfolios

  • It is planned that prototypes will be implemented in 2014 and that this new class of applications will reach the market in 2015/2016.
  • The partnership will also ensure for Amadeus more generally:
  • consistent high performance (submillisecond latency)
  • the ability to scale across multiple data centres
  • elasticity to support frequent capacity expansions of Amadeus server farms, which are needed to handle traffic growth
  • delivery of seamless topology changes and data persistence to support a very write-heavy environment


For Couchbase the partnership will deliver first-hand feedback on its products from an expert user group, allowing it to better understand customer requirements for large scale and heavy throughput developments.


Dietmar Fauser, VP, Architecture, Quality & Governance, Amadeus IT Group said: “Amadeus has a strong heritage in creating original and often ground-breaking products and services, helping our customers to innovate, both today and in the future. Yet this innovation is only possible if we embrace the very best and latest technology, from new emerging database engines to modern web application development frameworks. At the same time we are committed to using only those technologies which allow us to solve the challenges we face every day in the travel industry. As a result, this agreement with Couchbase will allow Amadeus to leverage its throughput and low latency solution which will ease significantly the design and operation of our demanding online applications, clearly improving the online shopping experience in the process. This partnership will also enable our SOA to become more flexible and scalable in general, allowing us to more quickly deliver new products and applications moving forwards”.


More and more, real-time access to data  with sub-millisecond latency is becoming critical to delivering a superior customer experience.” said Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold. “Amadeus is recognized as the leading provider of IT solutions to the global tourism and travel industry with some of the most stringent  scalability and performance requirements in the world. Given our focus on industry leading NoSQL scalability and performance across data centers Amadeus is an ideal strategic partner.”


Amadeus uses open source architecture extensively across its business. To date Amadeus has already transitioned from proprietary systems to Linux in order to run its Altéa® passenger service system (PSS), whilst some of Amadeus’ leading innovations online, including Amadeus e-Retail™, Amadeus Dynamic Website Manager™ and Amadeus Extreme Search™, have been built using open source software. Furthermore, Amadeus’ core technology framework Amadeus ARIA™ Templates was in 2012 made available to the open source community, allowing third party developers to use it without charge for the first time.


About Couchbase

Unlike other NoSQL databases, Couchbase provides an enterprise-class, multicloud to edge database that offers the robust capabilities required for business-critical applications on a highly scalable and available platform. As a distributed cloud-native database, Couchbase runs in modern dynamic environments and on any cloud, either customer-managed or fully managed as-a-service. Couchbase is built on open standards, combining the best of NoSQL with the power and familiarity of SQL, to simplify the transition from mainframe and relational databases. 


Couchbase has become pervasive in our everyday lives; our customers include industry leaders Amadeus, American Express, Carrefour, Cisco, Comcast/Sky, Disney, eBay, LinkedIn, Marriott, Tesco, Tommy Hilfiger, United, Verizon, as well as hundreds of other household names. For more information, visit

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