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See why leading companies choose NoSQL over Oracle and other relational databases for web, mobile & IoT applications

See why leading companies choose NoSQL over Oracle
 and other relational databases for web, mobile, and IoT applications


Relational databases like Oracle are great products, but they’re not always the right choice for every use case. For modern web, mobile, and IoT applications, NoSQL is often a better fit. Better in terms of lower cost, greater agility, higher performance and availability, and easier scalability.



That’s why more and more companies are turning to open source NoSQL alternatives. And many are choosing Couchbase to run some of their most-demanding mission critical applications, including Amadeus, AT&T, Comcast, Concur, DIRECTV, eBay, GE, LinkedIn, McGraw-Hill, PayPal, Ryanair, Tesco, Verizon, VISA, Wells Fargo, and hundreds of others.




Deploys Couchbase to support 250 million objects and 1.2TB of data.



Deploys Couchbase to power its reservation system, supporting $38 billion in annual bookings.



Deploys Couchbase to support 7+ million daily transactions (99.9% in under one second).


Top 5 reasons companies choose Couchbase NoSQL


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably hit limits with Oracle (or other relational databases) for certain use cases – either in terms of rising costs and complexity, or in scaling to meet your requirements. We invite you to evaluate Couchbase as your NoSQL solution. 


Many companies have chosen Couchbase either to complement Oracle and other relational databases, or in some cases replace them. The top 5 reasons why companies choose Couchbase: 


Easier to scale

Couchbase is engineered with a modern, elegant architecture designed to scale linearly on commodity hardware in distributed environments, with push-button ease.


Better performance at any scale

Whether running on 3 or hundreds of nodes, Couchbase is designed to deliver consistent, high throughput with sub-millisecond latency, at any scale.


More flexible data model

Couchbase’s JSON-based data model gives you total flexibility to add fields and new data types on the fly, without having to deal with complex schema changes.


Greater agility

Couchbase accelerates productivity and agility by removing object/relational “impedance mismatch,” so developers can modify applications quickly and easily.


50% to 80% lower cost

Couchbase’s open source, subscription-based model means your costs are typically 50-80% less than what you spend on Oracle.



Watch the webinar: "Moving from Relational to NoSQL: How to get started"

Watch this recorded webinar to get practical advice about:

  • Key considerations in moving from relational to NoSQL
  • Applications and use cases that benefit most from NoSQL
  • Data modeling and querying with NoSQL
  • Migrating your data to NoSQL
  • Best practices for making the switch

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Find out if Couchbase is a good fit for your use case – talk to a Couchbase Solution Engineer. 

In less than 30 minutes, one of our experts can usually diagnose if Couchbase would likely yield better results for your particular use case than Oracle or other relational databases. At a minimum, you’ll probably get some useful advice on how to work around your challenges.


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