NoSQL’s role in solving Moody’s Analytics big data challenge

Join Moody's Analaytics to learn more about the nuances involved in figuring out their initial data strategy problem, challenges they faced when searching for the “silver bullet” technology, and where NoSQL fits into their data strategy roadmap.

Welcome to the Couchbase Golang SDK

Join us for this webinar to learn more about Couchbase's officially supported Golang SDK. Build a sample REST API application that leverages the blazingly fast performance of Couchbase Server and dynamic query capabilities with the Couchbase Query API and N1QL.

How Ryanair Reduced Booking Time from 5 to 2 minutes with Couchbase Mobile

In this webinar, Vladimir Atanasov, lead mobile developer at Ryanair, and Wayne Carter, chief architect of mobile at Couchbase, will dive into the Ryanair mobile architecture and discuss the key factors to account for when choosing a mobile database, why a significant re-architecture was not required, and how the Ryanair mobile user experience has been completely revamped for its 3+ million users.

Running Couchbase on Joyent

Join us as Joyent CTO, Bryan Cantrill, sits down with Couchbase’s Traun Leyden & Perry Krug to understand why the team at Couchbase is so excited about the Triton elastic container service and how you can easily use Triton to spin up a Couchbase cluster within minutes.

Three Things You Need to Know About Document Data Modeling in NoSQL

We’re all familiar with modeling data the relational way. When we move to a document database we need to think about things a little differently. In this talk we’ll show you how to best plan, model and maintain your data using a document database. By diving into real world case studies of NoSQL users, we’ll walk through and show you the three main things you need to know about modeling your data in a document database: document design, key design and querying.

Powering Next-Generation Applications with NoSQL

Join guest speaker Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst and Vice President at Constellation Research and Shane Johnson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, as they discuss the shift to next-generation enterprise applications and how NoSQL databases like Couchbase power them.

Developing Offline-First Apps with Xamarin and Couchbase Lite

Mobile app developers face a number of challenges when they build great app experiences. User expectations are high and continue to rise while constantly challenging performance, network requirements, response time etc. We have all experienced fallout or slow internet and how that affects the mobile experience in a negative direction. Couchbase Lite with Xamarin makes it easy for developers to build an offline-first mobile experience that compensates for slow or broken connectivity and helps give the best user experience even when connectivity is challenged. In this session you will learn how to use Cocuhbase Lite with Xamarin to build your own offline-first apps.

Building P2P Couchbase Mobile Apps

In this webinar, James Nocentini, Developer Advocate, and Pasin Suriyentrakorn, Sr. Software Engineer, will show the different techniques for building peer-to-peer (P2P) applications or features with Couchbase Mobile.

Building Apps with Couchbase Mobile on Android

In this webinar, William will show you how to simplify mobile development and build a great user experience in Android applications. He'll also take you through building an app from scratch that has local persistence and also sync data to the cloud through Sync Gateway.