What is causing high number of gets per sec (20k) opening "Documents" UI in Admin Console (3.0.1)?

Currently 10 items in bucket. Previously had thousands written to it, but have all been expired by now.

Every time I click on “Documents” to view documents in a Bucket, the page hangs for a little bit while it loads. If I switch over to the General Bucket Analysis graph, I see some 20k gets/sec. I am currently able to produce this behavior consistently. There are no Views for this bucket.

Running a new Couchbase 3.0.1 cluster so I’m not sure if it’s a configuration thing. Already tried compacting the bucket but that doesn’t seem to help. I do the same thing on a 2.2 cluster and am unable to reproduce the problem there.

Any ideas?

Given that 3.0.1 is not yet released, are you using some build from source that may have a change causing that problem? Can you give us the exact version from the “about”? And the platform?


Version: 3.0.1 Enterprise Edition (build-1323)

Platform: Windows Server (2008)

Additionally, I’m not quite exactly sure how we obtained 3.0.1 but my initial response is that we got it from the Downloads section on the main Couchbase website.

It appears that the Windows download served to us was 3.0.1 (after being installed) and I can confirm this being the case on 2 separate servers now, both recent downloads. However, the Mac OS X version (also recently downloaded) is 3.0.0.

The Windows download also says BETA; is it possible that the 3.0.1 installer was mistakenly labeled as 3.0.0?

Ah, that makes more sense now. The Windows release is a beta of 3.0.1 and I believe it’ll be released along with the rest of 3.0.1 at GA.

I’ve filed MB-12356 around this. You may want to add info and/or track it there.

Just to confirm, the MD5 hash of the installer used to install Couchbase 3.0.1 on our server matches the MD5 of the current Windows (BETA) download on your website:

couchbase-server_3.0.0-beta-windows_amd64.exe (e199c2da8fd3d2ff3b364765c4eb275b)

I just re-ran this installer and the version reported in Admin Console comes up as 3.0.1 Enterprise Edition (build-1323)


But also this is labeled as 3.0.0 when it should be 3.0.1.

And if it is a problem in 3.0.1, do you guys at least have a download for the real 3.0.0 for Windows, at least so we can test?

The only 3.x that is available for Windows at the moment is the 3.0.1 beta. Sorry for the labeling confusion. I’ll make sure the right people are aware of it.

Do you guys have an ETA on when 3.0.1 will be GA?

I’ve put together a quick Node.js test project that you guys might be able to use to debug.

I did this on a new 3.0.0 (OS X) cluster with a 3.0.1 (Windows) node joined and am able to reproduce the behavior.

@rdev5 Please have a look at http://docs.couchbase.com/admin/admin/Install/setup-overview.html Clusters with a mixture of OSes will cause you issues and we would not support this in a production environment.

Just to update this thread, the main issue appears to be a current limitation in Couchbase Admin Console per Aleksey here: https://www.couchbase.com/issues/browse/MB-12356


So basically avoid using the Documents UI in production altogether since it could possibly impact server performance for clients in production?


Are older versions like 2.2 and 2.5 also affected by this?

Yes. Even more than 3.0, because 3.0’s implementation is more optimized.