Warnings on continuous replication

Good morning everybody

It happens quite often to find this kind of log on my android application.

08-27 15:26:11.538 W/CouchbaseLite/REPLICATOR( 9400): Replicator{@4ba95e1,<-,Database{@58fa2b8,name='db'},URLEndpoint{url=ws://}]: received unrecognized activity level:
I am wondering how much I have to worry about it and how should I deal with it.
Actually I do not know if I have or even I can catch this kind of event.

Second log I am wondering about is the next one.
Before a quick explanation of the scenario

The document DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776 is created and it will be immediately moved out of the channel once it will be managed by the sync_gateway, then it will be deleted using the SG api quite immediately
It is a sort of “DO SOMETHING” document , once the server receives the document and it does what it has to do, it will be deleted.
On the app side, when the push is completed, the document will be purged from the local database, that because the SG once received move the document out of the APP channel.

08-28 22:09:27.301 I/APP/CB( 7725): MODEL HELPER: creating document: DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776

08-28 22:09:27.316 I/APP/CB( 7725): Session@7c9d0e5 PUSH FILTER->@ Session@7c9d0e5 DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776 1-1dc48a285b0f08baa3b1feb8b832881f3b6e1e75 []

08-28 22:09:27.332 I/APP/CB( 7725): Session@7c9d0e5 REPLICATOR:Status{activityLevel=BUSY, progress=Progress{completed=578009, total=592649}, error=null}

08-28 22:09:27.348 I/APP/CB( 7725): Session@7c9d0e5 DB CHANGE LISTENER: CHANGED 1 documents:[DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776]

08-28 22:09:27.574 I/APP/CB( 7725): Session@7c9d0e5 --> DOC REPLICATION PUSH: DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776 [] null

PURGE FROM LOCAL DATABASE (pattern 2 on [https://blog.couchbase.com/best-practices-couchbase-mobile-database-sync-part2/](https://blog.couchbase.com/best-practices-couchbase-mobile-database-sync-part2/)
08-28 22:09:27.575 I/APP/CB( 7725): Session@7c9d0e5 PURGED: DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776

08-28 22:09:27.577 I/APP/CB( 7725): Session@7c9d0e5 REPLICATOR:Status{activityLevel=BUSY, progress=Progress{completed=592649, total=592649}, error=null}

??? What happened here ???
08-28 22:09:27.579 W/CouchbaseLite/REPLICATOR( 7725): {N8litecore4repl8DBAccessE#282} Unable to mark 'DOC_ABC_55a89dad-50fd-461d-aa5f-81d0fafe7776' 1-1dc48a285b0f08baa3b1feb8b832881f3b6e1e75 (#3267) as synced; error 1/7

Thanks for any feedback and have a good day

The first one there is a known issue with the library and can be ignored. It’s simply missing some switch cases there and falsely reports an unrecognized activity.

For the second do you mean to say you are locally purging the document? I think your “push completed” assertion is happening too early. The last warning is indicating that it cannot do the final steps of the push because the document does not exist (error domain 1 (LiteCore) code 7 (NotFound)). Recent versions should auto purge documents that you lose access to so if you are purging locally you probably do not have to anymore (not all cases are detected but some of the more common ones are, like a document moving out of a channel so that the current entity replicating no longer has access).

Thanks for the feedback.

With latest version do you mean 2.7.x? Is it something to configure in the replicator or is it done automatically by default?
Thanks again.