Use pouchdb with sync_gateway & couchbase server 5.0, Is it feasible?

hi @hideki:

 I study pouchdb with angular via blog,the pouchdb can sync data with couchdb & couchbase on http protocol. I search about pouchdb infomation, almost mention the pouchdb can work on the restful.
now, I want use it on below evnironment.
  • sync_gateway 1.5

  • couchbase server 5.0

Is it feasible? Will couchbase be compatible with pouchdb all the time?


Hi @angular,
As far as I know, we haven’t test PouchDB and sync_gateway combination. Theoretically, this combination should work.

hi @hideki:

thanks for you reply. I test it can sync with a simple application. I'll try it more.

See my comments in this thread: Couchbase Lite from desktop browser (REST API)

TL;DR — yes it’s possible, even for production, but there are some issues (bulk docs performance, no n1ql queries, etc.).

thank you for reply. I think the pouchdb via http get and post data,and each document will create a request or the performance is low.

If you want to work with a remote database it’s worth making your own Nodejs based API. If you specifically want a local database with offline capability then for web apps PouchDB is the only way to go.