Trouble creating a user

I’m using the cluster administrator (the one i set up during the installation)

Please can you run this command to get your list of available RBAC roles: curl -X GET http://:@localhost:8091/settings/rbac/roles

My output looks like this:

Are you using 5.0.1 Enterprise or Community edition? That may explain the different set of roles.

I’m using community

[{"role":"bucket_full_access","bucket_name":"*","name":"Bucket Full Access","desc":"Full access to bucket data","ce":true},{"role":"bucket_full_access","bucket_name":"users","name":"Bucket Full Access","desc":"Full access to bucket data","ce":true},{"role":"bucket_full_access","bucket_name":"security","name":"Bucket Full Access","desc":"Full access to bucket data","ce":true},{"role":"bucket_full_access","bucket_name":"errorLog","name":"Bucket Full Access","desc":"Full access to bucket data","ce":true},{"role":"bucket_full_access","bucket_name":"activities","name":"Bucket Full Access","desc":"Full access to bucket data","ce":true},{"role":"ro_admin","name":"Read Only Admin","desc":"Can view ALL cluster features.","ce":true},{"role":"admin","name":"Admin","desc":"Can manage ALL cluster features including security.","ce":true}]

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Yeah, just confirmed the same. That’s why we have a different set of available roles.

Glad we got to the bottom of the issue, and you’re setup correctly according to server edition. Also thanks for helping me understand the problem.

I’ll file some more documentation issues to try and improve the list of roles available for Community edition.

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Thank you for the help.
Just make sure someone updates the documentation regarding role names, and you should also mention there about availability of each role per edition

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@alon.schachter I’ve created this documentation issue to improve description of RBAC roles in EE vs CE

Thanks again.