[Talend Connector][tCouchbaseOutput] default value will be removed while add linker to target node

I am using Talend Open Studio for Big Data Version: 6.1.1, and I want to import data from csv file to couchabse.
and When I Generate JSON Document Configure JSON Tree, I can not set a Fix value for a target property when I add linker to target node.
Before I add linker to target node, I can set Fix value for the target property,but when I add linker to target node, the default value is removed. And at the same time,the “set Fix value” is disable.
And after I import data to Couchbase, the empty value in csv will be [] in Couchbase.

Hi atom,
I think you might get a better response from Talend forums on this - I don’t think this is Couchbase specific. If you do post a question on their forums, can you please add a link here so I can track it?