Sync Gateway Server - no logs for months?

Running our sync gateway in a containerized docker instance… Trying to debug an issue with one of our client iPad devices in Production suddenly not getting new data for the past couple weeks, even though similar devices are doing just fine.

Executing: docker logs --tail=2000 --follow sync-gateway

Logs are not updating and do not appear to have been doing so for quite some time.

Our “log” option in configuration is set to: “log”: ["*"],

I’ve restarted the sync gateway docker instance and performed activity on our app as well as syncing against the DB just to be sure, but still no updates in the logs. Not even sure how to debug this issue further at this point. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Are you rotating logs? That should be producing a lot of output. By any wild chance did you fill the available disk space?

The first thing I’d do in that case would be to “docker exec” into the running container, and then look at the process in “top”, or poke around the entry in the linux “/proc” filesystem or use strace to try to see what’s going on with the process.

Also you can hit the API locally via curl and see if it’s responding.

If the process looks healthy, then I’d start poking around docker to see why the logs are going into a black hole.