setPullFilter with multiple conditions

I am trying to have multiple conditions on setPullFilter. Something like type=‘user’ AND status=0.

        config.setPullFilter((document, flags) -> "user".equals(document.getString("type")));
        config.setPullFilter((document, flags) -> 0 == document.getInt("status"));

in the above, the status filter takes over and type is totally ignored. Database is populated with document’s status 0, regardless of type. I created the following function instead:

           Boolean setPullFilter(document){
            return document.getString("type").equals("user") && document.getInt("status") == 0;

        config.setPullFilter((document, flags) -> setPullFilter(document);

but my database is empty.

Something else must be going on then because that’s the correct way to do it. You can only have one pull filter and so it must include everything you want to do.