Send data to Scope/Colletion with NiFi


I am trying to send data to a Scope/collection with the NiFi processor PutCouchbaseKey . But always give me the error "Could not open Bucket.

There is no option for scopes & collection
Is possible send data to a Collection or only to a buckets with NiFi?


Hi David. Welcome to the Couchbase Forum!

The current version of NiFi’s PutCouchbaseKey processor uses Couchbase SDK 2, which only supports a bucket’s default scope and collection. The processor would need to upgrade to Couchbase SDK 3 before it could support writing to a different scope/collection.

I will try to find out who owns PutCouchbaseKey (I suspect it’s the NiFi team), and see if we can help them upgrade to Couchbase SDK 3.

I do not know why you’re seeing “Could not open Bucket”. I wonder if there’s a log file somewhere with more details?

David N.