Recursive look within a tree structure

This is similar to this question but my tree structure is not within a single document. Each children of a node tree is referred by its ID instead of being explicitly described in its parent.

Here is an example:

	"_id": "ROOT",
	"name": "root",
	"options": [

	"_id": "NODE_1",
	"name": "node 1",
	"options": [

	"_id": "LEAF_1_1",
	"name": "leaf 1.1"

And the structure might have multiple level of recusrivity. Only the leaves doesn’t have any options.
Any idea on how I could get every children of ROOT (plus the root id)? So the result should be this list of ids:

  • ROOT
  • NODE_1
  • NODE_2
  • NODE_3
  • NODE_4
  • LEAF_1_1
  • LEAF_1_2
  • LEAF_2_1

The result can be in any order. I would like a kind a FOR LOOP or WHILE but this isn’t possible.

Thanks for any suggestion!

N1QL Doesn’t support CONNECT BY.
You can check out this post and see if helps in what you are looking for N1QL - array join