Question about TcpKeepAliveTime

Can you confirm the default value for this setting?

According to some documentation that I’ve seen on this, the default is 2 hours. However, in the java docs, it says 60 seconds.

I am running an application which currently uses .NET SDK 3.0.0-beta4 and when I inspect the cluster options in the debugger (without altering them), it appears that the default is set to 1 minute.

I just wanted to confirm this is correct and there are no other places where TcpKeepAliveTime is being set/defined apart from the cluster options. And did this default change recently? If so, can you tell me which build it was changed.

Context: We had planned to change the value fro 2 hours to 45 minutes to try to address a timeout issue that we were experiencing after long periods of idle time. But if it is now 1 minute, that may address it.