Possibility of importing database and then encrypt it

We currently use a java application where the app keeps itself synced with sycn gateway and create a zip of the database directory , time to time. This zip is available for app to download when a new app is installed. By this way we reduce the time of syncing 100,000 documents at first app launch.
The database replace method is ised.
This is all good in 1.4.x. As the zip got database created in java and used in android. Also the encryption can work.

When 2.0 came we thought ok if we do not have java we can have .Net and as map reduce is not there the database can still be shared. Although we wanted to have java support and a support ticket was already raised, but no exciting work is done in that direction.

But we couldn’t migrate because of miltiple things lacking in 2.0.

Now come 2.1 and we are all excited to start planning of migration from 1.4.1 to 2.1 is the first hurdle in DB01.

That is encryption is only supported in export/import when the source and target sdk sjould be same. :frowning: .

Ok there may be some issue in design.

My question is what if I create source database in .Net and dont encrypt it and then use copy to import it in android. And after import , encrypt it on android. Is it possible in 2.1 for cbl?

Yes it is possible to encrypt a database that exists unencrypted on the disk with the use of the change encryption key API.