.NET N1QL Timeout Issue

When running a query that is badly formatted with the client the query is hanging. I haven’t let it run to see how long it would wait to return, but after 5-10 minutes its still waiting.

@aaronmell -

It sounds like a bug, there are both server and client side timeouts configured.

Can you create a Jira ticket and include steps to reproduce/example project?



Which settings control those timeouts? Are they configurable? If there configurable, I might have mis-configured

@aaronmell -

There is a Timeout on the QueryRequest class which represents the server timeout and a QueryRequestTimeout on the ClientConfiguration class which is the client timeout. The default is 75s I believe.


Doesn’t look like I am setting the value to anything. Is the value in ms? I’ll try setting it to something and see if the behavior changes


Yes, try setting the QueryRequest.Timeout using ms.