N1ql intermittently returns empty result after shutting down 2 out of 4 query servers


We had four query servers, but then decided it was overkill. We shutdown two of them and now we are seeing empty result from n1ql intermittently. When I query the same n1ql directly on cbq, I get the result. For the last 10 hours, we’ve seen 5 queries that returned an empty result. It’s not a huge deal as it rarely happens, but we would like to know what’s causing it. Is there a way to debug it?

We are using PHP SDK with 4.1 EE version. We already restarted all the PHP servers just in case. It did not help.

Hi Moon, can you enable logging (at client and server), and check for any error messages when you see the issue.



Hello @prasad

I’m not sure if I understand http://developer.couchbase.com/documentation/server/4.1/sdks/php-2.0/logging.html correctly.

what is “console” in this context?

If running under Apache, for instance, the output would be in Apache’s logs. PHP has many deployment models, so the exact output location depends on the config.

Thank you! I will check on it.