Multiple index on same documents for different order query

Thank you in advance.
Is there any problem if I create 3 indexes for querying in 3 different orders?
Change in a document will trigger indexing in 3 indexes. By doing so, the cpu/memory utilization increase into double?
I know disk usage will increase as per the increase in the number of indexes.
Couchbase will have any optimization to handle such a scenario?

You can create If more indexes more resources are needed.
If query can use index order it will use that. You can also try with USE INDEX hint.

@vsr1 Thank you for your reply.
We have one type of resource Person in DB. The query should support filtering based on 3 fields in it(name, company, position). So we created 3 indexes for best performance.

CREATE INDEX idx_person_name ON person (name);
CREATE INDEX idx_person_company ON person (company);
CREATE INDEX idx_person_position ON person (position);

We are using the USE INDEX to choose the correct index with respect to the request.

@vsr1 Thank you so much. This helped me a lot.