Monitoring of non-N1QL activity from the server side


Our Node.JS application, that works with Couchbase 5.5.2 (single node), fails on timeout (> 5 sec.) 1-2 times per day for no apparent reason. The application performs the same basic and fast operations continuously. I just wonder if it is possible to monitor a non-N1QL activity, that comes from Node.JS SDK, on the server level. Specifically, is it possible to log a detailed info about an SDK request, that took more than X seconds to finish, at the server side?

I understand that it is possible to enable a tracing at the client side ( However, the usefulness of the tracing output looks questionable to me (just comparison between server_us and total_us?) and I’d like to know if it is possible to get at least similar information at the server side, without touching the application.

Thanks in advance

I am not expert, you can explore auditing