Missing class in SpringData Couchbase 4.05 release

AbstractReactiveCouchbaseConfiguration class missing in SpingData Couchbase 4.05.
So if you want to create a reactive couchbase configuration how to configure if you have removed AbstractReactiveCouchbaseConfiguration class in 4.05?


@mreiche can you please assist ?

It was removed in 4.0.0 when the reactive and non-reactive framework was combined. Extend AbstractCouchbaseConfiguration.

Thanks mreiche for the clarification.


@mreiche Just one more clarification

Only this AbstractCouchbaseConfiguration class is combined and for all the other classes developers needs to use Reactive counter part of non reactive api classes?Please confirm

That is correct. And you will find many of the classes have a .reactive() method to access the corresponding reactive object.

Thanks mreiche for the clarification