Main Site login and download

Good morning everyone,

While trying to figure out the most recent version of Sync Gateway to download

which differs from

I am trying to download it using the webpage in order to see the actual version. However, even after I am logged in, I still get asked for my data

If you “force” me to create an account to download, why does this have to happen every time I do so?

And it’s not I have to login or anything - builds are available anyway here.

On a sidenote, is this close to Unable to download Couchbase server in my MAc
You are using some tracking scripts which I am actively blocking using Ghostery / AdBlock.

The worst thing is this is not working even if I deactivate them. It requires major cookie cleaning which, in turn, messes with all other aspects of me (like or Google cookies) which I am not fan of at all.

And I believe I speak for a big portion of users which do not wish to be massively tracked.