Limit, offset and order by

I am executing query parallely with different limit and offset and without order by. Like first request will have limit 100 offset 0, second request will have limit 100 offset 100 , third request will have limit 100 offset 200. So query looks like (select * from Bucket where type = “hotel” and updateDate > ‘2021-09-09’ and updateDate < ‘2021-10-11’ limit 100 offset {offset variable} ). So my question is there any gurantee that records which are are selected by first request (limit 0, offset 0) will never appear in third request (limit 100, offset 200) as there is no order by in query.


Check out Index Creation Possibility with Sorted Data based on Some Field - #4 by vsr1

Also, each query is different, no way it guarantee if data is changing with ORDER BY, OFFSET.
See if keyset pagination works for your needs Using OFFSET and Keyset in N1QL | The Couchbase Blog

If request is simple and want speed up. Use covered query and get all the keys. Then use SDK reactive API with multiple threads and fetch the documents.