Is it possible to lazily sync attachments for a given documents

Planning to use attachment to store descriptive pictures for some documents. But when user load the documents on mobile, we would like to only sync the pictures only on user’s demand.
Is it possible to configure the Sync Gateway to only sync attachment to mobile side when explicitly requested?

Many Thanks,

Hey @ahowardsky,

You can create a channel for that and update the document accordingly when the user decides on which pictures to sync.

Take a look at the mobile portal on 'Data routing with Channels’

Hope that helps!

@ahowardsky Funny you should ask. This was the subject of a recent pull request (apologies if you are affiliated with the person that made it). Keep your eye on it (or use it yourself if you like ). This is the .NET version but it looks like this might come to all platforms since it is a useful feature.