Indexer is in bootstrap state

. Couchbase index somehow went to bootstrap state. But weird issue is when i run DROP cmd to drop this index its not working.

How can I change state of index from bootstrap to Active?

Hi @prasad @deepkaran.salooja.

@tdahal2016, you can try to restart couchbase service on all index and data nodes. If it doesn’t work, share your indexer.log from the index service node.

@deepkaran.salooja thnx for reply. restarting couchbase service doesnt work.
But when i try to drop index i get this error:

GSI Drop() - cause: Request timed out. Index server may still be processing this request. Please check the status after sometime or retry.

Index cannot be dropped to recreate it.

@tdahal2016, as long as Indexer is in Bootstrap state it cannot process further DDL requests and you’ll see these timeouts. Please check your indexer.log to look for possible errors or share it here and we can take a look.