I get a linker error when importing P2P configuration class (2.1)

Hey guys,

I’ve recently downloaded the 2.1 enterprise framework (trial) in order to test the P2P component.
I’ve implemented the following code and it can not find the CBLMessageEndpointListenerConfiguration class (Apple mach-O Linker Error). Any suggestions?

“CBLMessageEndpointListenerConfiguration *config = [[CBLMessageEndpointListenerConfiguration alloc] initWithDatabase:database protocolType:kCBLProtocolTypeMessageStream];
_messageEndpointListener = [[CBLMessageEndpointListener alloc] initWithConfig:config];”

It turns out this is a bug in CBL 2.1 Objective-C library that the CBLMessageEndpointListenerConfiguration doesn’t include in the export symbol file. The Swift library doesn’t have the same issue. We will fix this soon.

Here is the tracking ticket : https://github.com/couchbase/couchbase-lite-ios/issues/2202

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