How to access data with in VIew from 'Full Cluster Data Set' using Java SDK

How to access data with in VIew from ‘Full Cluster Data Set’ using Java SDK.

I am able to access it using REST url.


In above url we are passing ‘full_set=true’, but I am not able to find same option in ‘ViewQuery’ class.

Do I need to change anything in Bucket Configuration or View Configuration?

@vinod that option is not available for querying on the java client. You can either access partial data for the development view or, the preferred method is to access it published.

Is there a specific reason why you can’t publish the view?

In our application we are generating reports and results are inaccurate if we run it on subset of data instead of full set.

We need to run it on full set of data.

@vinod yes, this happens automatically when you publish the view. the “full set” is just an option on development views (during development time) and not relevant if you want to query your data in production.

@daschl, Now I am able to get full set of data after publishing the view to ‘Production’ , Thanks…

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