Gocb - how to disable bootsraping?

Hi. I’m using couchbase in kubernetes cluster. And when i connect to cluster node via port-forward, botstraping interferes to connect, trying to use k8s internal ip addresses.

How i can disable bootstrap?

@elvis1616 each SDK gets the configuration from the cluster and uses it. Could it be that your cluster is exposing the internal IP addrs to the client?

@chvck might be able to help you figure out how to correctly configure the client to use the external advertised ports depending ont he server you are using.

Hi @elvis1616 can you clarify what you’re seeing here? Do you have external IPs/ports setup for the cluster and the SDK is using the internal ones instead, as suggested above?

this case also. another one - i use kubectl port-forward for one node in cluster.

In short this isn’t going to work.

We do have a feature in the pipeline that will allow you to change the node IP addresses that Couchbase Server advertises (so you can manually change it to or localhost) but that’s officially a 6.5.0 feature.

My advice (and the “cloud native” way) would be to just create a Pod in Kubernetes cluster (sat in an infinite sleep loop), exec into that Pod and connect directly as you would normally using either the Kubernetes DNS address or IP, i.e. however you have named your cluster.

As an aside, in the Couchbase Autonomous Operator 1.2.0 release (out soon!) we can perform a lot of trickery and actually make your clients able to connect from anywhere in the world, no port forwarding required, just the ability to spin up LoadBalancer Services with public IPs. We handle all the advertised address management magically.

Hope this goes someway to helping you get up and running!


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