GET userID using adminInterface

How do I GET the user id using adminInterface?
I know I can GET a particular user using http://localhost:4985/{$db}/_user/patient

but it only returns:

	"name": "patient",
	"admin_channels": [
	"all_channels": [
	"email": "",
	"admin_roles": [
	"roles": [


The user ID is the name you put in the URL after /_user/. So you already know it. What other type of ID are you looking for?

Right, I just learned it recently. But this doesn’t allow the user to change its username. Is there any work around for changing the username?

You can’t change it; the user ID is the fixed unique ID of that user, the “primary key” in relational terms. It’s not intended as something visible or changeable.

So what’s the best way to implement user management?