Finding unused indexes

Hi. I am new to couchbase. is there a way to find indexes that haven’t been used in X number days?


There is no easy way to find this. Only way is run EXPLAIN on each query and see which indexes are used, cc @deepkaran.salooja

Thank you. Thats to bad that the information isn’t stored as meta data and easy to retrieve.

@keith.j.dale, you can look up the stat “Requests/Sec” for the index on the UI mini-graphs. Once you select the graph, you can change the time duration to a week or a month etc and that would show you if a particular index got any requests or not for that duration.

excellent. thank you.

but if request per/sec is less than 1 in last one year it shows 0?

The older samples get rolled up. That could be the reason. A better way is to use last_known_scan_time statistic as mentioned here - How to find all un-used indexes?