Error in couchbase with play 2.6

val s = accBucket.get[StringDocument]("some_key").map(_.content)

getting error in the above line

can anyone help me to solve this

Hi @an.sowmya,

I’m not sure what Play 2.6 is (a web framework for Scala?), but I’m going to assume it’s SDK related. If it’s Scala related, then I’m going to tag @graham.pople, as he might be able to help. But you’re going to need to specify what error you’re getting, and as much detail as possible about what you expect to happen with the above code.

Hey @an.sowmya

This looks similar to your other forum post I think? As with that, I’d like to help but this code snippet is too small for me to do much with. Please provide a more complete example, e.g. something I can run, along with more explanation including what errors you are seeing.