Emitting more than 65535 rows (Map)


I’m bumping up against the max rows emitted limit of 65535 on a handful of docs. Is there any way to modify the limit at runtime?

Running Version 3.0.0-1209-rel on OS X.



Hi Ali,

there’s no way to increase the limit. The limit was kind of set arbitrarily to prevent users from killing their cluster. If you need so many emits per documents, it’s normally a sign that you should structure your documents differently or that views are not a good fit for the problem.

If you describe your use case, we may find a way to solve your problem differently without hitting the limit.


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Thanks Volker,

I assumed as much. I can of course address this “unpacking” on the app side, but I was kind of hoping to get Couchbase to do the heavy lifting for me.