Documentation for CouchbaseException error code?

So far I know if document not found, the error code is 13.
If document has been locked, error code is 11, but error message is saying temporary failure.
I have no confidence that error code 11 is only just for Document has been locked, so as error code 13.
Is there is documentation about CouchbaseException and what the error code stands for?

I have been searching around and I couldn’t find it…

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@Erutan409 man, you are awesome! Thanks!!!

@kchan4 You’re very wlecome :slight_smile:

btw, you can use cbc strerror 13 (on the commandline) to get an interpretation of the error message (requires the cbc command line, available via the libcouchbase2-bin package.


@mnunberg Yes, that’s works too! Btw, I also found a list here:

It has the constant I can use directly!