Document no update after reactive from background (iOS)

After my app reactive from background, the app’s document can’t get any update from server until I delete database and setup again, I just can get the latest document. I tried set the database protection level to NSDataWritingFileProtectionNone but still can’t get the update for the document.

Please turn on some logging and reproduce the problem. Use the tags ChangeTracker and Sync.

I get this message after my app reactive from background
ChangeTracker: CBLWebSocketChangeTracker[....]: Started... <https://...> CBLWebSocketChangeTracker[....]: Connection error #9, retrying in 512.0 sec: PSWebSocketError[3, "Output stream end encountered"] and it just stuck there…

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Was this issue ever resolved?

I’m encountering a similar problem (pulling documents blocked, deleting/reinstalling database solves the issue)

I also see the “Output stream end encountered” error message with the logging turned on.

For a more detailed explanation of the issue, you can see my post here: Pull Replication Stopped/Blocked After Updating to Swift 3

I’d appreciate any help you can offer.

Hi, this issue already resolved after I change the sync port url.

Hi @wan,

Thanks for the reply.

So you updated the sync port url? do you mean in cbl iPad code? If so, how did you accomplish this in code?
Is it possible for you to provide an example?

Was it simply an issue going to the wrong port?

Thanks again for the info.

Hello what do you mean change sync port url.
right now we are using 4984 for sync port. do we need to use somethigns else?

4984 is the SG port, so that should be correct.

Yes, But still sometimes my data not updating to server until i restart the application(So it will restart replication)

Hi. Did you ever solve this? I’m trying to understand what everyone changed.

You are responding to an old post with very little context. I would recommend that you create a new post with specifics of the platform version you are using along with relevant details of what you tried and what you are observing