Deletion of linked entities in cocuhbase lite

We have a tree structure with a parent node having multiple child nodes , each child nodes have further sub child nodes and this hierarchy continues . We now want to delete the master node , by which all the child nodes and sub child nodes associated must also be deleted .

What is the best practice in coucbase lite we need to follow in order to do this process more efficiently. By using the delete SDK i will be able to delete the master node alone , but how will i be able to delete the child and associated Sub child nodes/entities

Just delete each document. Group the deletes in a transaction to make them more efficient.

(Couchbase Lite has no notion of parent or child relationships, so that’s just part of your data design.)

I guess there is no Transaction support in Couchbase lite (Correct me if i am wrong) , If Couchbase lite does not support transaction , what must be done from couchbase lite in order to achieve the transaction equivalent functionality.