CURL does not work some time in eventing function (OnUpdate)

We are using eventing OnUpdate function to notify particular type of document change but since last 6-7 days we notice that some time it doesn’t work for some documents. If I delete document and recreate it with same data and same doc key then it works. I attached screenshot of my function for reference.

@Malav Please use the latest syntax to use curl. You can find the document here

Sorry to not mention it earlier but we are using Couchbase 6.0 Enterprise Edition. Thanks.

Hi @Malav - you should move to 6.5.1 to use curl() features as the one in earlier versions was just a preview (and had several shortcomings). In 6.5.1 and later, the curl() feature is GA and you should get the desired functionality with full reliability.


Hi @Malav

If you run 6.5.1 as Siri suggested, you can find a complete example in Eventing timer function not working after same doc created in the ZIP file which contains an Eventing function that uses cURL and also a toy python web server that it integrate with.

The example uses timers which you most likely don’t need. However it provides a complete working cURL example and it should be easy to understand the code and follow the logging in the Eventing Application log and also the console of the python based web server that hadles the POST requests from Eventing.