Couchbase .NET Client 2.2.x does not recover from network outage (pulled cord)

Playing around with the .NET client, I have noticed that if I (virtually) pull the cord, the Couchbase .NET client (versions 2.2.2 & 2.2.4) do not recover and re-establish communications.

I would expect the client to be able to recover and continue on once communications are restored.

Note that to do this, I’m running windows in a VM on Mac and I just turn off wifi on the Mac. Should behave the same with real cords, but I don’t have one…

@unhuman -

Yeah, I would agree…the heartbeat should eventually connect when the network becomes available again and the client should start working again. I’ll take a look into it.


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@jmorris Hey - have you had a chance to look into this? Thanks.

@unhuman -

Not yet, but I created a ticket to track this:

Since you have already replicated this, would it be possible to attach client logs to the ticket while going through the steps (and importantly after “network” goes back online)?


Logs attached: (8.8 KB)