Couchbase Lite 1.3 - GitHub and Carthage?

If I go to Couchbase Downloads, 1.3 is the current release. If I look at the the README on GitHub, the Carthage Instructions still point to 1.2.0. If I look at the branch list on GitHub, it shows releases/1.2.2, but nothing for 1.3.x.

Is this all coming, there’s just a delay between the two, or … ? Just trying to understand.


The downloads page is authoritative.
Looks like we didn’t update the branch name in the README; I’ll fix that.
1.3.1 development is on the master branch. There’s usually not a branch named after a release until shortly before it’s finished.

Branches are not guaranteed, but search for tags instead. There is a 1.3 and a 1.3.0+cocoapods tag there.

Ah, tags. I didn’t think to check for a tag. Thanks!