Cbbackup failing due to large meta.rev value

Running 6.5 CE (ubuntu 18)

cbbackup throws this error:
"OverflowError: int too big to convert" by rev_seqno.to_bytes(4, 'big') at line 413 in File "/opt/couchbase/lib/python/pump_dcp.py".

It is failing for all documents that have a large meta.rev number.

Here is the meta of one of the document for which cbbackup is failing:

  "meta": {
    "id": "<snip>",
    "rev": "211362657848-159245ef377b00000000000002000000",
    "expiration": 0,
    "flags": 33554432,
    "type": "json"
  "xattrs": {}

The same backup works fine in version 4 database. I am upgrading to 6.5 CE and backup stopped working due to the above error. For the time being I am using a v4 instance to take the remote backup of a v6.5 instance.

Why is the meta.rev value so high? It is not a heavily used database with just a single node and few thousands of documents. How do I make cbbackup work?


Welcome to the community! Your issue looks remarkably similar to my post. Could you kindly post there that you run into the same issue. That’d be great!

Hello @Nik

Thank you for bring this issue to our attention and for opening a new post. It’s much better to open a new post rather than reuse an old one.

I have opened MB-38683 . The issue is that cbbackup is converting the Rev field to 4 bytes when it should be convert to 8 bytes.

Hello @pvarley

I checked out the changes in MB-38683 and replaced pump_dcp.py. cbbackup now completes! Thanks!


Hi There,

Still, I am facing the same kind of issue with Community Edition 6.6.0 build 7909.
Anyone, please assist me with how can we fix this issue?

Here are more details